August 26th is National Dog Day! At Early Life Child Psychology and Education Center this is a day to celebrate our furry friends Max and Betty. Max is our veteran Emotional Support Animal and Betty is our ESA in training. 

An Emotional Support Animal is a pet that gives comfort and support to an individual with a psychiatric or emotional disability. ESA owners may have their animal in non-pet housing as well as take their pet in an airplane cabin. Emotional Support Animals help to reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and pain. They help individuals to feel more calm, relaxed, and happy. 

What’s the difference between an emotional support animal and a service animal?

Unlike service animals ESAs don’t require any special training. They can’t be taken into restaurants or other public places that service animals may enter. Service animals are trained to perform specific tasks to help disabled individuals, while ESAs primarily provide comfort and relief to their owners. 

How do I register my pet as an emotional support animal?

In order for an animal to be registered as an ESA, the owner must get approval from a therapist or other mental health professional. The individual must be under the professional’s care, must have an emotional or psychiatric disability, and the professional must recommend the ESA to help with the disability (Chandler).

We love our ESA pups, Max and Betty. We hope they help our clients to feel comforted, happy, and loved!

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Thank you for your ongoing business. We wish you good mental health.


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