Child development is complex, adventurous, and for some parents, frustrating. As children become older, they change rapidly both cognitively and emotionally. This includes physical growth, varied social interactions, and intellectual progress—all in a relatively short amount of time. These transformations are hard for children and adolescents to cope with, but a child’s development also presents challenges to the parents. The stewardship of every parent to concern themselves with the health and happiness of their kids. At Early Life located in Draper, Utah, and Valencia, California, our child psychologists and therapists are completely focused on helping children, teens, adults, individuals, and families.

Psycho-Educational Assessment

Obtaining an accurate profile of a student’s cognitive, achievement and behavioral strengths and weaknesses is essential when determining how best to teach that student or when determining appropriate interventions, therapy, and accommodations. Evaluations obtained in public school settings are designed with a different purpose in mind, and may not be what is in the best interest for your child.

Cognitive Tutoring

A wide range of studies confirms that 80% of many learning difficulties cannot be corrected with traditional tutoring and instruction. Instead, these struggles often require improving skills at the brain’s cognitive level. Cognitive skills are not reading, writing, or math, but rather the fundamental tools and underlying mental abilities required for long-term academic success. For more information call 385-900-4020.

Emotional Assessment

Emotions play an important role in successful child development. Children who cope well with emotions and have good social skills are generally more confident, make friends easily, and demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning.

Cognitive / Gifted Admissions Testing

Many private and independent schools in Salt Lake City, South Jordan, and Draper require cognitive tests as part of the admissions process. Cognitive tests may also be needed for application to gifted programs at public schools. The type of cognitive testing most often used for school admissions is commonly known as an I.Q. test.


We work with all individuals, families, and couples ages 3 and up. Additionally, we have social groups for children, tweens and teens, adult processing, and rotating topics as needed.

Some Areas of Expertise:

Anxiety and Depression, ADHD, Autism, Trauma, Functional Neurological disorders, Eating disorders, as well as a wide range of other specialties.


Monthly parent education and skill-building meetings.


All groups are held in 6 prepaid session sections. Groups can be started or ended during the 6 session renewal.

Social Skills: This group for ages 8-12, purpose is to develop appropriate social communication, learn about body language, and develop reciprocal friendships.

Pokemon:  The group is held on the second Saturday of each month. Kids can come, trade, and battle.  This group’s purpose is to develop social skills, make friends, communicate and resolve conflict.


Study Skills/Overcoming Test Anxiety.

Coming Soon………

We are always adding groups, classes and seminars, check back again soon.

Social Theater:  All Ages Will Be Welcome!