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National Parental Involvement Day | Early Life Psych

November 19th is National Parental Involvement Day. On this day we recognize the importance of parental contribution in every child’s learning. We express gratitude for all of the effort and sacrifice made by parents to be actively involved in the education of their children. 

How does your involvement impact your child’s educational success? (Garcia and Thornton; Boyse, 2010; Wang and Sheikh-Khalil, 2013)

  1. Improved Academic and Emotional Functioning
  2. Greater Student Achievement
  3. Increased Attendance
  4. Better Social Skills
  5. Higher Grades
  6. Higher Test Scores
  7. Improved Self-esteem 
  8. Higher Graduation rates
  9. Less substance use 
  10. Less violent behavior 

What are some ways you can be involved in your child’s education and learning?

  1. Set Goals with Your Children and Check Progress
  2. Create frequent and effective communication with your child’s teacher
  3. Read together! 
  4. Watch historical or educational films
  5. Advocate for resources and opportunities for your child
  6. Be an example of loving to learn! 
  7. Create a quite designated space for study time 
  8. Create an open discussion about school with your child 
  9. Get involved with the PTA or other school activities
  10. Play educational games at home or in the car 


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