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Utah’s and California’s state-of-the-art child psychology, education, and special education consultation clinic. We provide psychological assessments for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders that affect the emotional, intellectual, and academic progress of children and teens.

Founded in 2010 by Dr. Frances Thompson, and later joined by Dr. David Judd, our highly trained staff of doctors, educators, and consultants offers testing, therapy, and education assistance programs in a collaborative environment that is truly unique to the States of Utah and California. Our wide array of services will help find the underlying issues hindering your child’s development.

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Parents are, and must always be, the resident experts of their own children.

We know each child is unique. One of the biggest problems facing parents and educators is how to reach and teach students who present with learning difficulties, often masked by undiscovered emotional issues. Early Life offers parents a wide array of peer reviewed tools, techniques, and treatments that have showed promising, measurable results with children of all ages.

Early Life knows that you are the expert when it comes to your child. We understand your concerns. We know that the full collaboration between parents, teachers, and tutors is essential to a successful treatment plan, and we have helped hundreds of families overcome the frustrations often associated with child development and academic success.


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Child development is complex, adventurous, and for some parents, frustrating. As children become older, they change rapidly both cognitively and emotionally. This includes physical growth, varied social interactions, and intellectual progress—all in a relatively short amount of time. These transformations are hard for children and adolescents to cope with, but a child’s development also presents challenges to the parents. It’s the stewardship of every parent to concern themselves with the health of happiness of their kids. And at Early Life in South Jordan (with service near Salt Lake City, Park City and Draper, UT) and Valencia, California, our child psychologists and therapists are completely focused on helping children and their parents.

But how much should parents worry? It can be hard to know whether a child has an emotional, cognitive or achievement issue, or if they’re merely going through a phase. Conversely, what many parents consider “abnormal” is actually normal; parents are typically over-concerned, and for good reason. The importance of a child’s early years cannot be overstated. Seeking help from a child psychologist in Salt Lake City, Park City & Draper, Utah, South Jordan, or California is the first step toward ensuring the mental health of your son or daughter. If there is a problem, discovering and treating it early will eliminate or lessen their issues later in life. At Early Life Child Psychology and Education Center, we provide consultations and child testing to assess whether your child’s development is on the right track.

After consulting the parents, we’ll create a customized treatment program to put your child on the path toward wellness.

Psycho-Educational Assessment

Obtaining an accurate profile of a student’s cognitive, achievement and behavioral strengths and weaknesses is essential when determining how best to teach that student or when determining appropriate interventions, therapy, accommodations, and public school (as well as homeschool) placement. Evaluations obtained in public school settings are designed with a different purpose in mind, and may not be what is in the best interest for your child.
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Home Education

This consultation also includes a highly detailed, customized education plan, a meeting to fully discuss the plan and answer any questions, as well as specific goal setting and monthly check-ins for the duration of the school year. This is our most commonly chosen consultation, as it includes invaluable assistance throughout the school year.
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Academic & Cognitive Tutoring

A wide range of studies confirms that 80% of many learning difficulties cannot be corrected with traditional tutoring and instruction. Instead, these struggles often require improving skills at the brain’s cognitive level. Cognitive skills are not reading, writing, or math, but rather the fundamental tools and underlying mental abilities required for long-term academic success.
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Emotional Assessment

Emotions play an important role in successful child development. Children who cope well with emotions and have good social skills are generally more confident, make friends easily, and demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning.
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Cognitive / Gifted Admissions Testing

Many private and independent schools in Salt Lake City, South Jordan, and Draper require cognitive tests as part of the admissions process. Cognitive tests may also be needed for application to gifted programs at public schools. The type of cognitive testing most often used for school admissions is commonly known as an I.Q. test,
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Child / Teen Therapy Services

Early Life offers both short-term and long-term models of therapy in order to meet each child’s treatment needs. We offer expertise in child therapy as well as parental consultations regarding a wide range of developmental, social, emotional, and behavioral issues,
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