Meet Our Staff

We are proud to showcase our talented and dedicated staff. We set out to find and employ talented people to meet the needs of a very diverse population of children in both the states of Utah and California. We are well trained to serve the psychological, educational, and emotional needs of a wide variety of cultures, races, and religious groups. “Diversity” is a buzz-word that is often misused in our social media culture. In terms of how it is applied in our clinical psychology clinic, only one conceptualization comes to mind: Empathy and acceptance.

Although empathy is a very important trait to have within the walls of a clinic, when it comes down to it, every parent wants to have their children served by talented and humble staff. From top to bottom, Early Life employs people who have demonstrated unique clinical, educational, legal, and consulting skills and expertise. We employ nationally and locally recognized experts in a wide range of clinical, educational, and advocacy related subjects. Despite a combined 50,000 hours of world class training and private practice hours, multiple national and local media appearances, and years of legal advocacy experience in a wide range of settings, our staff is united behind one conceptualization: “Parents are, and must always be, the resident experts of their own children.”