Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Early Life Child Psychology & Education Center offers the latest advancements in cognitive and behavioral assessment, therapy, and educational tutoring services that help identify real concerns. In a collaborative partnership, we help develop effective therapy treatment plans for children of all ages by tailoring programs and solutions to meet the specific needs of each child in Salt Lake City, South Jordan, Draper, Valencia, CA and surrounding communities.

Why Should I Have My Child Tested?

Psycho-Educational Assessment

Obtaining an accurate profile of a student’s cognitive, achievement and behavioral strengths and weaknesses is essential when determining how best to teach that student or when determining appropriate interventions, therapy, accommodations, and public school (as well as homeschool) placement. Evaluations obtained in public school settings are designed with a different purpose in mind, and may not be what is in the best interest for your child. Early Life clinicians, consultants, and volunteers are trained to work closely with parents, schools, medical professionals, and educational consultants to implement an appropriate plan of action.

Emotional Assessment

Emotions play an important role in successful child development. Children who cope well with emotions and have good social skills are generally more confident, make friends easily, and demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning. It is important for parents to closely monitor their child’s emotional well-being and to seek evaluation if any behavioral or cognitive problems are suspected. Proper assessment will accurately diagnose psychiatric problems such as depression and anxiety disorders.

Comprehensive Assessment

Comprehensive testing is the most extensive type of evaluation and is particularly valuable for differentiating among various explanations for the same behavior or difficulty. Early Life’s comprehensive assessments examine a child’s functioning in all areas that could potentially contribute to identifying difficulties in school, home, and the community. As such, it identifies strengths and weaknesses in both psycho-educational and social/emotional realms, and we use the results, in partnership with parents, to develop a well-rounded and detailed plan for improvement.

Early Development Intervention Testing

Developmental testing examines and analyzes what an infant or toddler can and cannot do using a standardized set of questions, procedures, and methods. The results of these inquiries can be quantified. This information helps parents and clinicians understand how a child compares to a population of children who are developing normally and points to developmental domains that need intervention. Parents are given a “map” that helps them understand their child’s unique temperament, developmental strengths and needs, sensory responsiveness, and preferred ways of playing and interacting. Early detection of delays or inconsistencies in development can help determine the proper care and treatment.

Child/Teen Therapy Services

Early Life offers both short-term and long-term models of therapy in order to meet each child’s treatment needs. We offer expertise in child therapy as well as parental consultations regarding a wide range of developmental, social, emotional, and behavioral issues, including:

  • ADHD
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Depression
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Loss, Grief and Trauma
  • Family Conflict
  • Divorce/Separation Issues
  • Bullying, Peer Interaction Problems
  • Elimination disorders (Encopresis, Enuresis)
  • Feeding Difficulties For Infants
  • Eating Disorders
  • Sleep Difficulties
  • Suicidal Thoughts/Ideations

Psycho-Educational Cognitive-Academic Tutoring Services

A wide range of studies confirms that 80% of many learning difficulties cannot be corrected with traditional tutoring and instruction. Instead, these struggles often require improving skills at the brain’s cognitive level. Cognitive skills are not reading, writing, or math, but rather the fundamental tools and underlying mental abilities required for long-term academic success. Early Life measures a student’s cognitive skills using the Cognitive Assessment System known as PASS (Planning, Attention, Simultaneous, and Successive Processing). Our highly trained, cognitive tutors are able to make appropriate and meaningful connections with children and are specifically trained to integrate personality and emotional assessment results when devising individualized tutor programs. Each program is designed to help students make significant improvements in their studies and cognitive processes. Our clinic is designed also to assist parents with developing appropriate learning goals with the unique needs of homeschooled children.

Psycho-Educational Cognitive-Academic Tutoring Program

Cognitive / Gifted Admissions Testing

Many private and independent schools in Salt Lake City, Park City, Valencia, CA,  and beyond, require cognitive tests as part of the admissions process. Cognitive tests may also be needed for application to gifted programs at public schools. The type of cognitive testing most often used for school admissions is commonly known as an I.Q.test, which generally assesses an individual’s reasoning skills in verbal and nonverbal areas. I.Q. is considered a measure of a child’s potential and is often associated with academic success.   Advances in neuropsychology have shown that multiple areas of brain functioning contribute towards academic success. After reviewing school requirements, Early Life clinicians are able to determine the appropriate cognitive tool to best capture a child’s strengths.

Fees / Payment Options

Clinical fees and payment arrangements will be discussed in full during your initial consultation with an Early Life clinician. Early Life’s rates are comparable with other private psychology clinics located on the West Coast and will vary depending upon the services requested or required. Early Life accepts most nationally recognized insurance plans. We do not accept Medicaid or other government-subsidized forms of mental health insurance.

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