Karen Malbon

Therapist, LMFT

Karen Malbon is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who has worked with children and teens in the home, educational, nonprofit and private settings. Karen has always had a desire to help others and began her education at UC Irvine, graduating cum laude and completing her Masters Degree in Counseling at California State University at Fullerton in 2010. Karen began her counseling training working in health psychology with adults with chronic illness and their families. Karen found her passion fro working with children and their teens working as a district counselor for the Hart school district. Karen continued gaining experience working with children, teens and families at The Child and Family Center of Santa Clarita and in private practice where she specialized in working with teens who self harm, LGBTQ teens, ADHD, social anxiety, and building social and academic competence.

Karen specializes in working with children, teens and their families because she is passionate about helping individuals reach their potential. Karen recognizes that there are significant changes and challenges involved in growing up. There can be many pressures during this period and you may feel like “no matter how hard I try it is never enough.” Whether your difficulty is academic, social or emotional, Karen offers support and an empathic ear to navigate these challenges. She understands that things move fast during this time and that teens and their parents may feel overwhelming pressure. She offers a safe space to discuss stressors and to identify and utilize your strengths and talents to navigate life more effectively.

Karen’s approach is to provide a safe, nurturing space for clients to feel truly heard. She believes this creates the environment for healing and creating growth. She utilizes a genuine, collaborative and conversational approach. Karen takes the view that clients are experts in their life stories, and her role as a collaborator is to work with them to facilitate growth and change in the areas they desire. She is flexible which means that she wants feedback in finding how she can best support you. She works collaboratively with parents and their children to find a practical and collaborative approach to challenges.

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Karen Malbon
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