Janessa Gonzalez

Director of Education Services

Janessa Gonzalez works at our Valencia, California clinic as our Director of Education Services in charge of training and supervision of our in home tutors. She works closely with our clinicians and psychologists with the goal of integrating cognitive, achievement, and emotional assessment findings into a cohesive, and effective specialized tutoring treatment plan.

Janessa currently works part time in a local public school district as a Special Education Resource Teacher for students with mild to moderate learning “disabilities”, and has past extensive experience as a Behavioral Intervention Specialist providing in home education services for students with learning impairments. Ms. Gonzales has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies from California State University Bakersfield, and is currently nearing completion of her Master’s in Special Education at National University.

Janessa enjoys going hiking with her husband and American pit-bull named Einstein, as well as spending her (limited) free time with family and friends. She is quick to smile, has a very approachable and easy going manner with a wide variety of children and teens. Janessa’s ability to improve the academic performance of struggling children by integrating current research in neuropsychology with parent’s knowledge and resources, has made her a much sought after resource by parents and clinicians in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Janessa Gonzalez
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