ATTENTION. Important Announcement regarding Telehealth Insurance Changes.

For the state of Utah, the emergency declaration (that allowed for telehealth for all plans) ends on the 20th of October this year (2020). Unless your plan covered telehealth sessions prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, certain insurance companies may no longer accept these visits. It is your responsibility to check with your insurance to see if telehealth (online therapy) is covered. Insurance carriers may accommodate special circumstances regarding the health of you or your therapist, but it is your responsibility to make these inquiries. If your insurance does not cover telehealth, the cost of an online session ($135) will be the responsibility of you, the client. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our front desk. You can also reach us by email at:

[email protected].


ATTENTION. Important announcement regarding COVID-19.

With school starting and with new government mandates in place, we would like to clarify a few rules in the Early Life office to ensure that our clinicians are healthy enough to serve all clients. 

  1. All therapy sessions should be assumed as online unless otherwise specified by the therapist.

  2. In the case of an in person appointment, all clients must wear a mask during the complete duration of their time spent in the office. 

  3. When arriving, clients will be asked to keep their masks on at all times, get their temperature taken, and use hand sanitizer. Clients will also be asked if they have been exposed to any individuals with COVID-19, as well as if they have been experiencing any symptoms related to the virus.

  4. If a client has been exposed to COVID-19 or is experiencing any symptoms, they will be asked to return to their vehicle and will need to reschedule their appointment. 

Thank you for your cooperation and business. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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